Emerald Bay Boat Tours

Emerald Bay Boat Tours

We may all know that Emerald Bay is one of the most photographed places in the US. And it’s no question why. It is truly an amazing site to see. But do you know all about the incredible woman who built the famous tea house on Lake Tahoe’s only Island? Or the connection between the trees in Lake Tahoe and Virginia City? What about how Emerald Bay gets its emerald color? The history of Lake Tahoe is wonderful to hear and what better way to hear it than on an Emerald Bay Boat Tour.

Emerald Bay Boat Tour - Lake Tahoe

 At Lake Tahoe Boat Rides, our interactive Captains will take you on a private, guided tour around Emerald Bay on any of our Lake Tahoe boat tours. We have multiple options on both our powerboat tours and our yacht charters. We pride ourselves in offering guests a one of a kind experience on majestic Lake Tahoe. Most tours even have the unique opportunity to get off the boat where you can walk around the Vikingsholm Castle, hike to Lower Eagle Falls, take the tour, and see some of the largest trees in Lake Tahoe.

Emerald Bay Boat tour

Vikingsholm Castle

Emerald Bay Boat Tour

Lower Eagle Falls in Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Sunset Cruises

Fannette Island at Sunset in Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Boat Tours at Sunset

One of the most unique ways to go on an Emerald Bay Boat Tour is at sunset. There are very few boats out on Lake Tahoe at this time creating an even more special experience for you and your family or friends. Sunset tours can be booked on any of our boats with tour times varying throughout the summer depending on the time of sunset.

Book your Emerald Bay Boat Tour today! Call 530-545-1223 or email us at info@TahoeBoatRides.com. Perfect for families, small groups, friends, corporate or company retreats, Bachelorette parties, wedding activities, and more.

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