Why We Love Visiting Lake Tahoe in May

May in Lake Tahoe is generally one of the least traveled months, but those that have visited during this time know they are the lucky ones. Everyone else is missing out!

Boating on smooth as glass water surrounded by snow-capped mountains with the lake all to yourself. You have to experience this awe-inspiring view to believe it!

Sunsets! Tahoe has some pretty incredible sunsets year round, but in May, it seems they are every single night. The evaporation from the melting snow creates large cloud formations that draw out the vibrant colors of the changing light.

Did you know that Lake Tahoe has waterfalls? It sure does and they are at their strongest and most magnificent in May. 64 tributaries all gushing into the lake create creeks, rivers and spectacular waterfalls. Our captains at Lake Tahoe Boat Rides will take you on a private cruise to Emerald Bay where you can get off the boat and take a short hike/walk to the base of Lower Eagle Falls.

Newborn Wildlife. What’s better than bears, ducks, geese, and other wildlife? Baby bears, ducks, and geese! They grow up quickly and May is the best time to see them at their cutest. *Please give them their space and don’t feed them, but take all the pictures you want. 

It’s relaxing. Whether you’re hiking, boating, mountain biking, or just exploring, you’ll likely find you have the place to yourself to enjoy nature in peace. Also, the prices are the best you’ll find all year long! Lake Tahoe Boat Rides tours are the most affordable in May with the same amazing and unique experience.

What are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss out on visiting Lake Tahoe in May and you especially don’t want to miss a private charter boat tour with Lake Tahoe Boat Rides!