Sunset Boat Tours on Lake Tahoe

Sunset Boat Tours

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You don’t want to miss a Lake Tahoe Sunset by boat

Sunsets here in Lake Tahoe are diverse, with a new display every night, and they are regularly beautiful. They are truly something not to be missed during your Lake Tahoe vacation. The absolute best way to watch a Sunset in Lake Tahoe is on our private chartered sunset boat tours. The Captains at Lake Tahoe Boat Rides have also been touted as giving the best tours around and our sunset boat tours are one of their favorites to give. Why you ask? Well these sunset pictures will show you one of the many reasons.

Sunset Boat Cruise

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides Sunset Boat Tours

Our Captains also love these sunset boat cruises because the lake is much quieter. Most all of the rental boats and private boat rentals will have gone in for the day. Leaving Emerald Bay, Fannett Island, the Vikingsholm Castle, and Eagle Falls mostly for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Also, the Captains can give you a walking tour around the Vikingsholm and up the short walk to see the waterfall which is really flowing right now! And if you’ve already read about our Captains, you know they really know how to give a great tour of Emerald Bay.

boating sunset

Sunset Boat Cruise parked at Emerald Bay

These sunset boat rides are also a great way to view the big Mississippi Paddle Wheel boat, the M.S. Dixie II. Which is similar to the old Tahoe Queen that is usually taking a tour around Emerald Bay as well. The beauty of this boats is best seen from outside the boat.

Emerald Bay Sunset Cruises, Sunset Boat Tours

Fannette Island at Sunset in Lake Tahoe

On any of our Lake Tahoe Boat Rides chartered boat tours, you are always welcome and encouraged to bring your own food and beverages and the sunset boat cruise is no exception. Enjoy a nice glass of your favorite wine as you cruise over Lake Tahoe’s beautiful waters and watch an incredible Lake Tahoe sunset on your private sunset cruise.

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Sunset Sailing Cruise on Lake Tahoe

*Sunset Sailing Tours:

*Please note that our sunset Sailing cruises do not go to Emerald Bay. You will still see an incredible Lake Tahoe sunset while learning about sailing on our 26 foot Macgregor Sailboat. Emerald Bay sunset tours are done on our private yacht charter the Blue Warrior or our private powerboat charter.

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