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"This was a wonderful way to spend an evening on Lake Tahoe watching the sun go down and learning about the lake. Will take
this cruise again and recommend it to everyone. One of the best nights of our vacation! Thanks Lake Tahoe Boat Rides!!!
Visited July 2011"- Cinrose2
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"We were in Tahoe for a week with some friends and wanted to go out on the lake. We thought about renting a boat, but
honestly I know nothing about boats and a friend who lives full time in the Keys and keeps a boat in the marina had warned me
about how shallow the water there is and how easy it is to damage the rental boats (and get stuck with a big repair bill).  I saw
Capt Steve's business on Yelp and remembered he was favorably mentioned in our guide book, so figured I'd give him a try. We
initially booked for middle of the week, but it turned out the weather that day wasn't going to be that good, and so he gave us
the option (that morning even!) of rescheduling at no additional charge (which we did). He even picked us up at a dock at the
house we were staying at in the Keys for no extra charge"   -Ella K
Sightseeing Tours and Water Sports
"If you are in Tahoe and love boating, you MUST book a trip with Lake Tahoe Boat Rides.  My girlfriend and I were planning on
renting a boat while staying in Tahoe but didn't really know where to go on the lake.  Then we stumbled across this sightseeing
tour.  It was practically the same price to rent the boat as it was to get a self-guided tour.  Steve (the captain) took us anywhere
and every where we wanted to go on a beautiful decked out boat!  That boat was soooo nice, big and fast!  The trip is perfect for
partying (since you have a designated driver), for families who like tubing and water sports or for anyone who wants to explore
Lake Tahoe with a guide who knows everything about the lake.  He tailors the trip to your wants and needs.  
What more could you ask for?"-Candi H. 2011
"What would a trip to Lake Tahoe be without getting on the water! We rented a boat with Captain Steve at Lake Tahoe Boat
Rides. He hooked us up with a 36' boat with Captain Bill and James. They were spectacular. We went out on the 4th of July from
6-10pm. They made arrangements to take us on a tour of Emerald Bay along with history. James made sure everyone was
comfortable and enjoyed their time. He was great. Captain Bill kept us safe in what became a floating city at night watching the
fireworks while drifting on the lake. I would highly recommend this to be the way to watch the fireworks! You can enjoy your
beverages while letting someone else do the boating, watching for traffic and manuvering the boat around. Bill, job well done.
James brought us blankets and pillows so we could watch the show from the front of the boat, guided us back after the show,
without anyone taking an unexpected dip into the lake! What a cool fireworks show and what a way to watch it! Next year we are
going to add one of their smaller boats so we can tube, ski and enjoy the lake even more. A great time was had by all. The boat
had a bathroom, fridge and great service!"   Dave Visited July 2012